Yeah...I color People Yellow

Did this to prove a point to Randi

Why the Flash Runs so fast


jeff said...

hey just thought i swing by to say that u suck
so much energy in those lines
i love it. reminds me of early joe bluhm stuff; that sort of realness.
thats gettin it matt.
stop by my blog and see how much i suck too

Brian Oakes said...

It looks like these two faces in the last drawing are about to make out. Its disgusting!

kevin said...

that second to last one is just great haha

Emily said...

the cleavage one one is funny!
see you next week

chris chUa! said...

yes...everyone should be yellow. heh

that big ears one, hee hee. awesome. that woman just couldn't stop laughing as you were drawing. ha ha, good times.

and hey, that's it? you're suppose to be taking more pictures. more, more!! choo demands it!

Randi said...

always trying to prove a point to me. :) thanks.

Sam "quick draw" Gorrie said...

i love your lines man, the thin thiny ones make me tingle with admiration. nice fluid stuff. post more moreeeeeee!