MidWest Mini Gathering

My new Golden sticky Bovine

My Wall from the Gathering: won Best Artist: Golden Cow award

I just came back from one of the greatest events ever. I had an amazing time and had some of the hardest laughs I can remember there. Here are some pics of drawings I did there.

Brad Bailey

Paul Gaunt

Lar deSouza

Len Hernandez

George Anthony : Drawing won best in show award

Bob "Beast" East

Mike Worley: Darwing won best in show award and 2nd best body situation

Hunt Gabe

Chip Mock: it hurt me to draw this of him

Rob Dumo.....


californiagrown said...

Man Zitman these are some great pieces. I wish I could have been there. Congrats on the awards brotha!

D-reaux said...

bro, those are intense, how come you dint do that at the big-con? Liking the new melted flesh thing you're doing.

Aaron said...

I didn't see that homer simson belly, somehow. That's hilarious. Paul Gaunt, Lar, the big guy. You came correct.

Aaron said...

...And George, and Mmmomomock. Those are m-m-m-my faves.

caricaturas said...

Congratulations Zit they are all freaky pieces dude. Yes, indeed it was a pittty seeing you just going for the beer at the big con :D

Nate said...

holly f%&K!N SH!T!!!!!!
almost better than lookin at bahina,
those f..kin alsome man!, im very inspired my dude

chris said...

wow. Awesome. I knew you had it in you. congrats... and bring it hard in Reno.

Marlo Meekins said...

Hey Zitman,

These are really really FUNNY, cartoony and far from reality. You actually have a personality and a brain. I like that you aren't interested in "designy" bullshit (which is boring).

Emily just showed me these and we both agreed that you deserved to win. I think that plenty of people who didn't go (that you respect) would have voted for you too.

Congrats and keep drawing honestly. I hope you become the next Basil Wolverton!

Lets hang out when you get here

marcobucci said...

That one of George is one of the coolest exaggerations I've seen!

Sean (53AN) Gardner said...

you make me want to make a website, www.10000000reasonswhyzitmanrocksmysox.com, except I don't know anything about making websites,...dude, those are absolutely OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!! We must meet again!!!!