Well Im back from San Diego!

My Trip was AWESOME! i met alot of cool people and learned alot while having a great time. Thanks to everyone for showing me around San Diego

Here Is Drawings Of Aaron Philby and Nate Kapnicky. These guys are awesome. I hung out and stayed with them alot of my trip. I learned alot from watching and talking with them . Thanks for everything guys!

San Diego Sketch Crawl!

Put this here cause everyone will remeber the worst body I have ever drawn. Sure it looks fine from far away, but get close and try and figure it out!

3 drawings of Jared, 3 different styles

Cara And Her Bro

Me, Sea World Style

Chris Daily



Aaron said...

It was great having you in San Diego, Matt. Come back anytime. Matt Zitman, ladies and gentlemen, master of the caricature optical illusion.

G R I G O R said...

waoh! you've improved! you did that AARON?!?!?! awesome! -

Nolanium said...

Trashcan Jared is absolutely rockin'!

Nate said...

''red and black''lol, you got some good stuff man, hope to draw with you again soon

SAM GORRIE said...

Hey Fishlips, I drew you...lemme know what you think: http://batsam.blogspot.com/2007/01/zitmanagain.html